Best Ideas Bedroom Mood Lighting

Bedroom Mood Lighting Plan

Bedroom mood lighting – To light a bedroom you must take into account the different uses that we will give the bedroom: reading, romantic, functional and appearance. A good reading light, in the area of ​​the night table or in bed, with a clear and pleasant general lighting that avoids shadows and allows performing general tasks and circulating without problems and indirect light combined with the use of mirrors to generate a romantic and sensual space to the bedroom. General bedroom lighting should take into account the use of light points of 20 watts for each square meter of space at least.

Ideas bedroom mood lighting, illuminate the room as homogeneously as possible, avoiding shadows or dark areas. An excellent solution is to install several spotlights on the ceiling, either recessed or placed on a rail. To dispense with the classic pendant light you can use a floor lamp or table with good lighting, but it must be borne in mind that the general light must be able to light from the entrance of the bedroom or, in any case, be immediately at the door.

Regarding the place of reading, if we have a corner of the room designed for it, the ideal is to place a standing lamp. On the other hand, if we choose to read in bed this way we will be saving space and at the same time we will have a greater comfort we should place some lamp on the sides, either on a small table of light or some wall lamp next to the headboard, type flexo, with articulated arm that allows us to regulate the height of the light source and its intensity. Small table lamps are essential to provide enough light at bedtime and get out of bedroom mood lighting. These can be replaced by small hanging lamps of low height, by wall sconces at the head of the bed, or by a few flexes that allow directing the focal light in the bedroom and allow us some activity before sleep.