Decorated Hipster Bedroom

Hipster Bedroom White

Hipster bedroom – A teen bedroom is of utmost importance to him. It’s a place for her to be alone or with friends, to study, play or just “hang out”. Do not make your teenager suffer in a room that is messy, called, or even still childish. Instead, helping the transition from child to adult drive a little smoother by decorating your teen bedroom in such a way that he will actually want to give you a hug. Perhaps he will also “hang out” with you instead of his friends.


Ask your teenager what kind of interior he wants. Even though he or she just mumbles “yes” and “no” back to you, at least you get some ideas about what your teen wants in the hipster bedroom. It’s important to get your teenager entrance so that the space will feel like his or her own sanctuary. Create a workplace. Include a desk with a comfortable chair for your teenager to use during the study time. Stock the desktop with studying tools like sticky notes, highlighting pens and paper. Close to the desk, set a place for books and your teen bag or rucksack. This could be a cool chest or foot cabinet. Create a fun place. If your teenager likes to read, try a beanbag chair, reading lamp and bookshelves. If he likes to play video games, a wall-mounted TV would be an extravagant and fun surprise.

Create a void. This can be a cold wall, a big bulletin board, or other similar space. This space allows your teenager to do some of the decorating hipster bedroom. Select neutral colors. While your teenager can love shock pink and neon green, she may not love it so much after she lived with it for six weeks. Paint the walls and choose bedding in neutral colors, and let accent pieces – like neon pink pillows and a green lava lamp – light up the place. These things can easily change when your teenager tastes changing. Splurge on quality. Buy things that your child can bring him to college, such as a duvet or laptop. When choosing furniture, choose pieces that your child may want in his home as an adult, or that you can use in a class for later.