Decorating Tips Teenage Bedrooms

Sep 13th

Another selection of beautiful teenage bedrooms for girls. Most of them have a more modern decoration, with a predominance of white + some touches of color – a combination that facilitates future adaptations, because with the exchange of some details it is possible to transform a girl room “more child” into a girl’s room. In the previous post, the color variation was great, going through red, yellow, and blue. Now, by coincidence, most designs have some detail in purple, lilac or pink. I like and you?

Tween Teenage Bedrooms
Tween Teenage Bedrooms

Early teenage is a delicate time when your child already sees himself as an adult, but still has moments as a child. If his bedroom has been decorated with children’s motifs, changing the décor is very important to help him during this transition period. A teenage dormitory should have, if possible, three spaces: the bed area; the space of study; and a place where you can receive your friends. It is advisable to also have extra teenage bedrooms to accommodate a friend who may come and spend the night in your house.

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Color is always welcome, however, try to score on items that can be easily changed and that the light or pastel tones predominate in the environment. Too much color in the bedroom will make the teenager more agitated. I wrote a post on this, which I believe to be interesting reading before choosing the colors, called “Decoration, hit the colors!

Try to choose neutral furniture and bedspreads, cushions and ornaments that can be changed as your child grows older and reaches adulthood. The basic premises for a bedroom decoration are always valid, like the ones I wrote in the post “Double bedroom decorating tips “, which can be read here.

Below, I present some decorated rooms and evaluate each according to the ideal decoration recommendations. The dormitory below is great, practically perfect. It meets all the requirements for a teenage room. The dark wall does not compromise sleep because it is at the head of the bed and the teenage bedrooms are quite spacious.