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Diy Bedroom Wall Decor Teal

Diy Bedroom Wall Decor – You will agree with me that there are some areas of the house that are more difficult to decorate than others. For me, one of the most difficult to decorate is the headboard wall. If you put a rectangular headboard, it is still easier but if you put a headboard in an irregular shape it becomes much more difficult. If you do not use a headboard and you do not wear anything, the wall can be very bare. If you live in an apartment with high ceilings and moldings, it may even look good on a completely bare wall but if your ceilings are normal and your walls are covered with yellow like mine, a blank wall is not a good idea.

So if this theme brings you head-on like me and you’re looking for ideas to decorate the diy bedroom wall decor the headboard, quiet that you’ve come to the right post. That’s how I decorated the headboard wall in my previous bedroom. They can be only three, as in my case, or a whole collection. The placement of the dishes can be adapted to the shape of the headboard, which makes it a very good option for irregular headboards. A gallery wall is the modern version of the painting above the headboard.

In this case, they have also painted the diy bedroom wall decor with the same tone as the headboard, thus achieving that both elements merge and the gallery wall is the true protagonist. Although it seems that no, in this room there is a headboard. Look out from the right, behind the cushions. As in the previous case, they have opted for the same color on the wall and headboard, and let the leading role of the XXL photo and the cushions. The color, the shape and the finishes with tassels make it very decorative but nothing short. An interesting and different idea to decorate the headboard wall.