Diy: Rustic White Bedroom Furniture

Chair Rustic White Bedroom Furniture

Rustic white bedroom furniture – The white furniture is extremely versatile and characterizes the furnishing of houses with very different styles. From the total white of the most modern homes, passing from the essentiality of Scandinavian inspiration to the laces and pastel shades of the shabby chic style. The white furniture gives light and whiteness to the furnishings following the latest interior design trends. The furniture all white is very trendy. And white furnishings become the real protagonists of houses from very different style.

The size, shape and price of a piece of furniture are perfect, but the color is not. If you have bought or inherited pristine white furniture but really prefer a more rustic look, it’s possible to get what you want without paying a professional furniture conservator or invest in expensive equipment. Want to have this rustic white bedroom furniture touches? Well, starting with sand the edges of the arms seat or back the rest of the white furniture to make it look more worn and rustic. Choose spots that would normally receive the most wear, corners and edges as well as tops. And sand from the paint with a fine sandpaper grain. Second, distress the white furniture by misusing it with a hammer, brick or another sharp or heavy object.

Sad furniture makes it look rustic because it looks older and more worn than it actually can be. Scratch furniture with a brick. Make bumps and other rustic marks by hitting it with a hammer or large stone. Last, color white furniture to dull its bright finish. Place clean furniture on a drop of cloth and apply a wood shield by light brushing it on the furniture, then wipe it back with a clean cloth. Color only one section at a time. Leave the stain dry according to the manufacturer’s recommendations and finish with a clear sealant if the furniture receives more than average wear. And the new rustic white bedroom furniture was done.