Elegant Bedrooms In Shabby Chic And Classic Style

Jul 13th

Elegant bedrooms – Shabby style has always been characterized by extreme femininity and attention to detail. An elegant bedroom of this type refers to the Provencal style of inspiration, aimed at spreading a candid and dreamy atmosphere in the home. White is the absolute protagonist of pickled furniture, walls and often even floors. The bed, the undisputed king of the room, can be in wood or iron, with delicate shades like beige, light gray and ivory. Thus contrasting with the pastel colors that illuminate the environment. Light cotton bedspread will adorn beds enriched with cushions with floral and romantic patterns.

Shabby Elegant Bedrooms
Shabby Elegant Bedrooms

Shabby Chic style it is synonymous with elegant bedrooms capable of creating a candid and romantic atmosphere. Go-ahead to decorative elements such as scented candles, photo frames with family portraits, vases of roses, camellias and hydrangeas. White mirrors in pickled wood decorate and at the same time increase the perspective effects of the room, giving the room a feeling of greater space. Elegance in shapes, in color combinations and in the use of materials. These are the characteristics of the Classic style. Characterized by a timeless and ever-present charm that conquers and captures. Fabrics are the essence of an elegant classic bedroom and make the environment full of charm and charm. It is necessary to play with different textures.

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Which at the same time make an ideal frame for elegant bedrooms, where precious materials meet fabrics with inlays and precious embroideries. A soft silk duvet cover covers a padded double bed, with sophisticated references to timeless luxury. In an elegant bedrooms an antique dresser is adorned with a precious crystal vase with fragrant flowers, which spread a magical allure to the room. The delicate curtains with drapery resemble the same shades that are the background to the environment. In an elegant bedroom each element is the result of careful study, aimed at creating a coherent environment where a harmony between furnishings reigns. Be inspired by refined details to make the elegant bedroom a timeless classic.