Enjoy The Mickey Mouse Bedroom Theme

Blue Mickey Mouse Bedroom

Mickey mouse bedroom theme has numerous options ranging from no-frills decor to Mickey’s subtle decorative pieces. This type of room works well for all age groups, from babies to grown-up adults. Thematic nurseries-Mickey Mouse establishes a cheerful environment for a baby. Paint the walls a soft color, such as pale blue or green. Dedicate a wall to a themed mural-Mickey Mickey represents a colorful adventure with his friends. When it comes to curtains and crib bedding, use a Micky Mouse themed fabric. Patterns ranging from the classic Mickey Mouse to baby Mickey can be found. Turn a simple, black swinging chair into a Mickey-themed one by placing a mouse ear on either side.

Above the crib, hang a wooden cutout of the baby’s name and place a wall of Mickey Mouse hanging on either side. As it is a very popular subject, you will have no problem finding accessories and furniture to fill the Mickey Mouse bedroom. Use bold, bright colors like the red found in Mickey shorts or the yellow in your shoes. Avoid painting all the walls a bright color, as this can be visually overwhelming, but do not be afraid to dedicate one of the walls to a bright color. Make a Mickey header by cutting a header and spin a piece of wood and adding the ears to it. Sand the wood and paint it black.

If your child can not get enough of Disney’s classic, there’s no reason why you cannot enjoy a mickey mouse bedroom. For older children and teenagers, they focus on a classic and sophisticated design. Paint the walls a pale color, such as blue sky or lavender. Use dark wood furniture. On the walls, hang shelves to display antique Mickey memorabilia such as a “Steamboat Willie” statue or classic Mickey Mouse Club ears. Hang the black and white images of classic Mickey cartoons placed in black wooden frames with a white mat throughout the room.