Exotic Bedroom Sets Ideas

Beautiful Exotic Bedroom Sets

Exotic bedroom sets is beautiful decor for your home. Fashion consists of inventing and reinventing and often it is mixtures of different styles. From the combination of old styles, new styles emerge. This is where the word vintage comes from, which refers to an old object and design based on love, which consists of recycling and giving rise to unique and original pieces. Therefore, a marked aesthetic line is not followed. To decorate the vintage style bedroom, use typical woods from the 40s, such as walnut, mahogany or cherry. That is why it is interesting to buy furniture from these dark woods to decorate the vintage style. Because its color makes the furniture look older. The bedside tables have to be tall and narrow and the dresser has to go with them. When you have the furniture, you can paint them with large bouquets of pink or white roses or gold scrolls and give it a more vintage and personal touch.

Very important detail to give the vintage style in your exotic bedroom sets is to put a large and oval mirror on top of the dresser. To be a vintage style to the fullest, the frame of the mirror has to have to match the rest of the furniture in the room. You can also decorate your room in vintage style by hanging black and white photographs in frames of different shapes, sizes and designs.

The bed has to go with the rest of the furniture and the decoration of the exotic bedroom sets, you have to put a down comforter on the bed and cotton sheets. You also have to place pillows on the seats and on the back of the chairs, and stack two or three pillows at the head of the bed. For this he uses fabrics of bright and fresh colors such as green, pink, blue and white. You have to take into account the smallest detail, so it is important that you put the makeup and all the products you use to get beautiful in round boxes with floral decorations and wicker baskets on the dresser.