Furnishing Vintage Shabby Chic Bedroom Ideas

Classy Shabby Chic Bedroom Ideas

Shabby chic bedroom ideas – Shabby chic is a popular decorating style because it makes use of well-used items and antique or abandoned home goods. Use shabby chic vintage bedroom ideas to create a comfortable yet elegant room. Choose shabby chic textiles, textures, vintage pieces and ornaments and lighting to tie the look together. Fabrics and textures; start decorating shabby chic bedroom ideas with neutral base colors for walls and textiles. Use tans, beiges and light browns for bedding. Accent your neutral base with contrasting pillows. Select window treatments in neutral tones with a flat surface. Avoid shiny, shiny or metallic colors with this decorating style. Use glossy or metallic finish with the way – and just as little accent adornment.

Three and vintage pieces; Variations over three tones and textures are an important part of this decorating style. Clean up or have three headboards, bedside tables and chairs to give them a vintage look. Buy relatively cheap vintage pieces from second hand or shipping stores. Choose armoires, chests or Victorian-style furniture for shabby chic bedroom ideas. Choose comfortable furniture with soft lines and angles. Choose bright, colorful items if you prefer contrasting decorations. Vintage adornment containing cool blues and greens will contrast with the room’s color palette. Use lamps and decorations with soft, classic and organic design.

Avoid items that are too modern or angular. Shop for local thrift and shipping stores for decorations and decorations. For example, adjust antique doors to create a shabby chic headboard. Paint the welded window panes and hang them as art on the walls. Lighting; another decorative element is light, better if natural. In fact, environments illuminated by large fenestrated walls through which light is filtered are favored. The chandeliers are classic, wrought iron and with glass and crystal drops, and hang from the ceiling majestic and bright. It is important to enhance every corner shabby chic bedroom ideas of the room with lamps or candles, also by painting the supports and lampshades.