Good Ideas Ashley Bedroom Set

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Straight and simple lines, bright and clear tones, little recharged and diaphanous spaces. Here are the basic keys to get an ashley bedroom set decoration. The Scandinavian style is very close to the natural world, so the star material is wood, both for furniture and accessories, and especially oak, maple, pine and beech. As for fabrics, cotton, wool and linen are the protagonists, with natural details predominating (flowers, paintings, stripes, leaves) on a light background, although the notes of color are always welcome. We always have to look for the functionality and simplicity above all, in addition to soft shapes and nothing overloaded.

And of course we can not forget the lighting, which must be very abundant to influence that idea of ​​clarity. And as a decorative note: vintage elements from other eras. But is it possible to print a ashley style in small bedrooms? With good ideas … everything is possible! when we talk about ashley bedroom set decoration, two keys come to mind: wood and light, so showing off the latter we have to think in white; that is to say, we choose what we choose … whether white or light colors prevail, and both for the bed and for the walls, the floor, the furniture, the cushions, the bedding, the carpets, etc.

Although for tastes … colors. Indeed, if you do not want a whole white but want to continue to maintain ashley bedroom set aesthetics you can choose pastel colors: such as water green, sky blue, pink stick, ocher, beige etc., especially for bedding and the cushions. It goes without saying that a bedspread on the bed is fantastic, so … why not opt ​​for a strong color that contrasts with the white and brightness of the rest of the room? The orange, the red, the green … the stronger and more striking the better. And also the fabrics of a thousand colors!