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Bedroom closet doors – If your bedroom is not very big and you have a closet in it, it can represent a significant reduction in both real and visual space. It is the details that make up the interior design of a space. Or, at least, they have a very important weight in the final impression that transmits an environment. Therefore, you can have a luxury bedroom, with beautiful and quality furniture. But if the details do not accompany, you will not be able to transmit that unique feeling of spaces with character, decorated with personality.

This detail with which to renovate the bedroom closet doors can contribute to achieve this. It is a project to make you very simple and affordable to put into practice. So much so that it surprises that the result is so spectacular. And it is that you just have to fix a round molding to the doors, which are usually placed on the ceiling, just where you usually hang the lamp. Many of the most fashionable decorative trends today bet everything (or almost everything) to the straight line. In them, simplicity and sobriety prevail and this translates into the almost absolute dominance of pure and straight lines over curves, much more rare to see in this kind of environment.

Bedroom closet doors, to begin point with a pencil the place where you want to place the rosette. To mark the center of the door, use the tape measure. Once the exact point is located, place the rosette and fix it with two hidden head nails, one in the lower part and one in the upper part. Take into account the length of the nails so as not to completely pass through the cabinet doors. Carefully apply a thin bead of silicone to fill the union of the rosette with the door. Remove excess with a rag and smooth with your finger. A trick to apply the silicone in a simple and uniform way you can cut the applicator at an angle. Wait until the silicone is completely dry.