The Romance Marble Top Bedroom Set

Ideas Marble Top Bedroom Set

Marble top bedroom set – When you think of romance in the house, there is no better place to bring to life than through bedroom furniture. After all, the bedroom should be the most romantic room in the house. How you decorate your bedroom can bring love to the next level. Many of the romantic legend conquered Rome back to the beginning. Women wearing floats with flowers are woven into their hair. The architecture is beautiful and clean; White marble columns, beautiful flowers and vines that grow out of the jar. Why not transform your bedroom into Rome to escape, so you don’t just take the step into Boudoir, but also a step back in time.

The centerpiece of the marble top bedroom set is a bed. When you create the first Roman theme, you need to make sure to put a bed in a place that captures the essence of this place in time. Headboard will look like it was carved out of marble. While there are marble neck supports out there they are expensive and heavy, so a bit of a false painting can achieve the same effect. In addition, you should consider the canopy beds that replace the position with pillars. When it comes to bed you would choose to sleep, think color is crisp. Often white chosen as the color of choice to make the bed look even cleaner. Another option is to choose something that has the appearance of more interest. When done correctly, it would look like it came from an old Roman palace.

When it comes to the rest of your bedroom’s furniture, beds for choice should be the guide. Often, distressed white wood is chosen, or again, pieces that look as if they could have made marble top bedroom set. Next is the accent. Many people are lost when it comes time for accent bedroom furniture. They think is expected to be the traditional room, how do you accent it is good? Start simple. In this case, think they pillar around the bed. They can easily be dressed with sheer canopy draped between them. Even if you have the clean material out, put some over your windows, making the thin curtains.