Trends Bedroom Table Lamps In 2017

Bedroom Table Lamps Burlap Shades

Visually, much lighter than the bedroom table lamps with legs or boxes to the floor, in the design of these small modules has taken into account the restricted space, the flexibility of installation in any corner, and of course, the functionality, since this type of tables can be placed next to the bed or on the wall in parallel to it. If you are good at crafts and enjoy creating pieces with your own hands, these two examples of tables can serve as inspiration to make your personal table. In the first case, you can make it with wooden boxes, some tools and a little paint. The placement on the wall, to your liking.

In the second case, the table has been made with four wooden boards, two rectangular and two squares, joined with wood glue and then painted with a layer of color, in this case in white. The front has been decorated with silver thumbtacks. Finally, you just have to fix it to the wall and decorate it with two or four screws. In one piece, this bedroom table lamps (or lamp with small table, whatever you want to call it) is made of aluminum and has a warm white LED light, enough to give the bedroom adequate lighting for reading.

More than a bedside table, this design looks like a wall rail divided into several sections: a book stand, a lamp and a small shelf to leave several objects, which we can place in the order that best suits us.  If the window of your room has a window, then you have bedroom table lamps. In this case put the bed as much as you can to the window and use the shelf as a table to place the lamp, books, plants, some decorative detail, but without overloading the space. In this tiny room, the example can not be more illustrative.