Warmth French Country Bedroom Decor

Blue French Country Bedroom

French country bedroom – Start and finish each day with all that is French – a mix of patterned fabrics, furniture and decorative pieces that add warmth and style to the decor of your bedroom. Colors and patterns in the French style of the country create an environment with an atmosphere of old world comfort. In elegant silence and refreshing without time, your French countryside bedroom will create an oasis. Choose the fabric samples in the same color palette and mix the patterns. Use pictures, stripes, toile or other small patterns within the color selection. Place the fabric samples with the paint color selection to see the general effect. This mixture of patterns of a similar color creates a classic French country style that is both sober and elegant.

Determine what furniture you can paint or acquire for your French country bedroom. A mixture of painted forms and natural wood furniture, timeless style of French country decoration informal. Add classic and modern pieces to create a warm and charming effect. Place the contemporary knobs on the dressers with glass or wrought iron knobs. Use headrest covers or chairs in the same fabrics as the bed cover or curtains. Consider adding a signature French piece of the country, such as a closet, in a natural or painted finish.

Create light zones in your French country bedroom with a variety of lamp styles. Wood, glass and wrought iron light fixtures all work as well as decorative accents. Choose trinkets to customize your new space. Candlesticks, painted picture frames or baskets all create a cozy bedroom. Consider adding fresh or dried flowers to your newly decorated bedroom. A bouquet, wreath of dried flowers or flowering plant all define French atmosphere. Look for accent carpets to place next to the bed, in a desk room or in front of a dresser. A woven or hooked carpet will add casual comfort and warmth to your space.