West Elm Bedroom Style

Jul 29th

In a west elm bedroom, a Greek decor theme that uses a large white can reflect light and make the room seem bigger. When choosing items for a small Greek-themed bedroom, look for decor and furniture that reflects classic Greek architecture, minimalist style, and Breezy islands surrounded by the ocean. Many Greek homes use white as a base color to capture and reflect light, especially at sea. You can recreate the look of your bedroom by painting your walls and ceiling white and using white bedding. In addition to the white base, use simple, rustic wooden furniture for a comfortable contrast and suggest the worker background of many Greek homes. Some of Greece’s most popular places are located by the sea. To capture the feeling of a seaside town bedroom, use long white whistling curtains, which will make Billow gracious in even the smallest breeze. Because the curtains are clean, they will not break the line even when closed, creating an illusion of extra space in a small bedroom.

West Elm Bedroom Style
West Elm Bedroom Stylish

To give the impression of the Greek sea, use bright blue accents throughout your west elm bedroom. Add Greek blue accent pads, vases, curtain ribbons, or place a blue blanket at the foot of your bed. Look for blue elements in close variations of the same nuance; using an accent color, you will reduce visual mess, which is important in small spaces. For a touch of mainland Greece, add architectural elements reminiscent of the capitals and columns found in the ancient Greek temples. Find book supports shaped like the edge of a column, for example, or search for picture frames that are designed to resemble an ancient temple. Remember that when you enter with this type of distinctive element, even a little touch rows far.

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Because the bed is usually the focal point of a west elm bedroom, use it for your benefit to create a statement. For a clean, bright look, choose a crisp white duvet and sheets. If you want to add a touch of rustic Greek living to your room, look for bedding with a simple red pattern; embroidered duvet cover in Greek patterns pop against a white background. You can also pay tribute to the Greek flag by starting with a white duvet and using striped blue and white plates looking from below.